Free bird game: Match Bird Games

Line up these cute little birds and win in this free flash game!
This mini bird game gives you the cutest and most colorful sparrows you've ever seen.
The goal of the game is simple: line up birds of the same color to make them disappear. To do this, click on a bird you want to move and click where you want to move it to (by clicking on another bird next to it). The bird will move there if there are more birds of the same color as it. You need to match up birds of the same color to make them disappear. To pass the level, you need to match up the number of birds shown on the right, under “Left”.
But be careful! You only have a limited amount of moves you can do. You can see how many moves you have left on the right, under “Remaining Birds”.
You need to get as many points as you can in the 10 levels of this free bird game.
If you see 4 little birds in one square, click on this because it's a bonus and it will magically make all the birds around it disappear! Also, if you see a bird that's flashing, click on it and it will get rid of all the birds of this color.
How far will you get in this 10-level free flash game?

The Match Bird Games bird game has already been played 2,747 times since it was added to the Birds games section.
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