Free bird game: Little Bird Games

Discover this world for birds!
This bird town is full of colorful little sparrows.
A very mean cat has set a trap and is waiting to catch as many yummy birds as it can. The goal of this free flash game is to save them by stopping them from reaching the dungeon, while getting as many points as you can.
The goal is to match 3 birds of the same color. Use your mouse to move your catapult left and right, hit space bar to change the color of the bird in your catapult and click with your mouse to launch this bird at the line of birds walking along the path. If you get 3 birds of the same color, then they will disappear and the line will get shorter. You get points for every 3 birds you match up, but you will get bonus points if you match up more than 3 birds of the same color in a row. Also: you can collect gems with your catapult to get more points.
You need to get rid of all the birds walking along the path before they reach the cat's trap at the end. That way, you will more onto the next level and a brand new setting.
Can you save these little sparrows from this hungry cat?

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