Free bird game: Crow Games

Get this little crow out of this deep, dark dungeon in one piece!
This unlucky crow has been shot and now he's stuck in hell. But don't despair! You can help him escape to freedom.
Click on “Story Mode” to start with and “New Game”. Then you will see the instructions for the game: use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move your crow.
You need to get through the maze of underground tunnels to reach freedom. But make sure you don't touch anything down there, including the walls of the tunnel, twigs, branches, bats, skeletons, falling rocks, turning machines, etc.. Otherwise you will lose a life and have to start from the beginning again. Some levels are “checkpoint” levels and so when you die, you start from this level, instead of all the way from the very beginning.
You must also collect the keys to unlock the “challenges”. There are three challenges but you need to collect lots of keys in the “Story mode” in order to unlock these challenges.
Can you help this poor little crow to escape from this dark and dreary labyrinth?

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