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In this free flash game, you play a spinning owl and you must make your way back to your nest and to your egg.
Your little owl is flying in the skies and its wings are spinning around and around. You must be careful not to hit the sides of the walls with your wings or your little owl will drop from the skies and your game will be over.
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your owl but be careful not to touch the walls! You can go back if you miss any stars.
You will have to collect all the stars in your path. You will be told how many stars you need to collect at the top of the screen.
You are being timed so move as quickly as you can and there are 24 levels to get through. In some levels, you must avoid the bats that are flying around and trying to knock your owl out of the skies.
How quickly will your little owl reach its egg?

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