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Come and race these quick little ducks!
You need food (the pink blobs) to give you energy to keep going. But this costs you money so use it wisely.
You can train by clicking on the blue duck, who is your trainer. That way, you will increase your level and win more races, as well as making money. Also, you can go to the shop to buy accessories for your duck, including new hairstyles, watermelon hats and eggs to hatch new ducks.
You need money to do all this and you can get money by winning races. When you see a duck with an exclamation point above its head, click on it to race this duck. You can also get money by doing lots of training with your blue duck coach. There are three training levels and you will get instructions on what you need to do at the start of every level.
If you are feeling brave, then you can go to the windmill where the tournaments are held. But you must be good because the tournaments involve 3 races with no breaks. If you win a tournament then you unlock a new level in the game.
How good are you at training ducks?

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