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Are you feeling lucky?
This gambling game lets you play the slots. But this isn't like most gambling games because you play with birds! That's right, you will see crows, parakeets, ducks and gulls scrolling before your eyes.
You can pull the lever and the birds will spin past you. Click on what bet you want to do (how confident you're feeling!) and then click on Play to play the slots. You want to get the same bird as many times as you can in a row.
The 9 Play options at the bottom correspond to the lines that you think will have matching birds. Put your mouse over “Play Lines” at the bottom left of the screen to see what the 9 lines are.
Be careful, because you only have a limited amount of credits (counting down at the top left of the game). The more you bet, the higher the stakes but the more you could win!
Try to get as many rainbow birds as you can (they look like a multi-colored phoenix bird) because they will give you extra “'plucks”. You need to use your “plucks” when you don't win anything, in order to spin again.
How lucky are you and will you win lots in this bird flash game?

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