Free bird game: Fun Bird Game

Do you like lemmings? Then you'll love this free flash game! Help these birds make their way to the exit and escape, without falling in the ocean!
At the start of the game, click on “Play Now” and you'll be taken to the first level.
The aim of the game is simple: take the birds to the exit and help them escape from this level. You will be told how many birds you need to save and how many birds total you will get in the game.
Then, little birds will fall from a box in the sky and start walking around. You need to click on the action at the bottom of the screen to activate this action (for example, to dig). Then click on the bird to make it do this action.
You need to plan and have a strategy in this bird flash game. Use the various actions to get through the obstacles and reach the exit. But be careful not to kill any of your birds or you might not save enough to move onto the next level!
As you move up the levels, you will have more and more actions available to you and you will need to decide which actions to make your little birds do to reach the exit. Remember to click on the action you want at the bottom of the screen before clicking on your bird.
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