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Come and feed these hungry birds some delicious insects, worms, beetles and other bugs!
In this free flash game, you are armed with a catapult and must shoot live bugs at these hungry little birds. You will need to feed hungry little owls, robins, sparrows and other little birds.
Click on the squirming bug in the catapult and pull back as far as you want. Let go of the click to send the bug flying. You will need to hit the birds to feed them, get points and move onto the next level. There are 20 levels to get through, if your aim is good of course! Be careful because if you miss then you will lose 10 points. And for every bug you send flying, you will lose 10 points so you need to be accurate with your aim.
You will also sometimes have obstacles to get through and then you need to hit the obstacles with bugs in order to move them out of the way.
How many levels will you get through in this fun bird mini game?

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