Free bird game: Bird Game

Come and fly high in the skies!
This free flash game takes place above the clouds. You find yourself playing a little robin who is out flying around and having a good time.
You take control of this little bird and must make sure you get through this outing in one piece.
This free mini game can be played by just using your mouse. Click on your bird to start the game. Then your little robin will start flapping its wings. You need to click and hold down to make your bird fly up higher and let go of your click to make it drop down. Be careful because you must keep your bird on the screen: it mustn't go too high or too low otherwise your game will be over very quickly!
Warning: you need to avoid the other birds flying around the skies too. There are very mean-looking eagles and thrushes that you must be careful not to hit, or you will restart your game from the beginning.
The goal of this game is to get as far as possible. You will see your distance getting further and further at the bottom left of the screen. You can also see your best score at the bottom right.
How far will your little bird get without hitting the other birds?

The Bird Game bird game has already been played 2,848 times since it was added to the Birds games section.
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