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Willowpaw - Birdrama bird breeder

XP points: 1918


Overall Ranking: 1st
Reputation points: 176
Certificates: 6/6
Job: Vet. Unemployed
Founder of the Firestar bird park
Coins: Array
Please . . .
~Do not ask me to sell you a bird
~Do not expect me to give a bird I bred, bonuses before I sell it to you
~Do not make requests such as: raising its genetic index (GI)
I . . .
~Will not sell you a bird I currently own
~Will not sell you a peregrine falcon with 401 capacity until I have them at 401.3
~Will ignore you if you ask for one of my birds
~Will breed you a bird instead of selling you one of mines, if, you ask for me to 'breed' you one instead of asking for one straight away
~Accept random friend requests, but will take you of my list if you bother me or is disrespectful
~Will put my birds on auction occasionally (they would not be for flat price unless for a certain reason)
~Hope this does not make you think I'm strict 
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     Hello! I'm Willowpaw! I currently breed: peregrine falcons, crows, kingfishers, common wood pigeons, song thrushes, and blue tits! I read the Warriors Series (cats) and I am a big fan. That's why my username is Willowpaw, for me its easy to remember. I like reading and using the computer. So you might find me on Birdrama a few times a day. I may not be online too much now, maybe every few days now because I'm kind of busy, so please be patient if you ask me to help you in some way. Thank you!

     If you want, I'll send you a private offer to breed from my birds. They'll be cheaper than the ones I post, but only if you ask. So don't be afraid to ask, it'll be higher for the higher the genetic index of my birds are. But I always make really cheap offers so don't worry to just ask for the price. I'll send you a good offer to breed if you want and it won't be more than 400 coins.

     I am trying to breed birds and gain progress stars. And I found out that breeding peregrine falcons can't be too hard. So that's exactly what I did. I bred them until, I reached 401 capacity! Gained so many progress stars for them along the way. I had fun doing that, and I will keep doing so, and I won't stop. It is the main breed I am focusing on, and I don't breed other species that much.

     You can request a bird that I can breed you, which includes; a peregrine falcon, song thrush, crows, kingfisher, common wood pigeon, or blue tits. You can ask me to breed you a bird, but it can't be a bird I currently own that's over 1 year and 2 months. But on special occasions, I might say yes, but not to my best birds. I will determine the price by the species, the quality (global capacity), the gender, and how many coins you have. It'll cost at least 650  coins for me to breed you one.  And I can make bird and up to 1 year if you want. So that him/her is ready for breeding with and I can find you the cheapest bird park if you want. You can always choose the age when you want him/her or you can take your newborn bird right away at 1 month. So, please, ask me for a peregrine falcon especially. Capacity is always very good. And, they always, will be purebred. Always. I never breed a cross-breed, it does not go along with my work. Thank you!

Breeding birds: I have an unusual habit of only breeding certain species of birds I find at the sanctuary, mostly if I just so happened to adopt one of them at the sanctuary. Because when I do, later, there is another one, opposite gender, purebred, sitting in the auction, or right at the sanctuary. Or I find a rarer species of bird, at the market or flat price. But if I usually train them and play with them if I have a pair of them, otherwise, I'll just get bored.

Abandoned birds: I take care of all the abandoned birds I can find. I care for them and train them at the sanctuary. I will take one in as soon as possible.
     And please friend me and vote for me! I'll vote for you back! Can we make a deal?

I think Birdrama is a wonderful game. Its the only Dreamzer game that I have made real success. As in far into the game. I think its fun playing this, and I think its a bit easier to play then the others. I will continue playing Birdrama, and I'm a loyal Birdrama member. And I bought membership! That's why I'm still here. With over 50 birds (and a bat), I would have had 0 coins a long time ago. I bought membership partially to raise my amount of coins. :)

I will be getting this bird species shortly;

My best/favorite birds (listed from 1st to 5th):

1) Latias (Capacity: 400.72  GI: 91%  Reason on favorite's list: Produced purebred peregrine falcon chicks over 401 capacity with Spotted Falcon. Bonuses:  Immortal Phoenix, Breath of Neper)
2) Spotted Falcon (Capacity; 400.64 GI: 81% Reason on favorites list: Produced peregrine falcon chicks over 401 capacity with Latias. Won Championship once. Bonuses: None)
3) Brightflight Capacity: 400.07 GI: 92% Reason on favorites list: Was my success to where I am now after Brightsky died. Won Championship. Bonuses: None)
4) Blackstar (Capacity: 400.27 GI: 86% Reason on my favorites list: Picked out by my friend, farmergirlc, to breed with her bird. trained him a bit, and he became my best bird to breed with for a few months. Bonuses: None)
5) Sash (Capacity: 400 GI: 47% Reason on favorites list: No idea, I just like him a lot Bonuses: None)



Cats for RP groups I'll be using:
 (Don't copy please!)

    Icestar - Silver tabby with clear sky blue eyes. Icestar is the

     Snowpaw - Pure white tom with purple eyes. Snowpaw is an apprentice. He takes his duties seriously. He is funny, outgoing, and open. He is easy to talk to, and understands conflicts and feelings quicker than others. He has an unusually sharp memory or everything, especially herbs. And while his talkative sister, Ivypaw, has an easily forgettable memory of learning to fight, he feels as if his interest leans towards the medicine cat den. He remains calm and serious in a dangerous conflict, which makes him the top choice for a medicine cat apprentice, but he would also be a great choice for a deputy, or even leader one day. He is taken seriously at Gatherings and treated with great respect and is looked up to, even if he's still an apprentice. He likes the respect the senior warriors and clanmates give him, although in the inside, he just wants to fit in and chat with his friends like a normal apprentice would do. He was found by his clan as a tiny kit that was put in a tree for safety by his mother, mewling for help. His mother had disappeared and that was his only thing he didn't remember. He has paid his debt that he owed his clan for rescuing him and a lot more.  He is a loyal member to his clan and dedicated his life to help and protect his clanmates. He has no interest in any cat in particular, but he does seem to be eying his close friend, Silverwing much more, recently since he became an apprentice 2 moons ago.

Silverwing - White she-cat with pale sky blue eyes.Silverwing is a beautiful she-cat, she has a flick of silver on the tip of her eartips and the tip of her tail, though, you can rarely see it. Silverwing is a warrior. She has earned her warrior name 2 moons ago. She is a calm cat and loves her family and friends a lot. She is a loyal cat to her clan in everyway. She is a a popular cat and is known by many cats in other clans. Her favorite spot in the clan is just outside the apprentice's den in the shade provided by the ferns as she waits for her friend Snowpaw to hunt. She also loves being in the nursery. She is excited as the kits as she comes into the nursery to play with them. She does wish to have her own someday . . .with a cat she trusts.

More on this group, go find the groups I'm in, it's called "Warriors *Rp*"

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